I’ve Moved…

26 Feb

ComeĀ on over to my new digs at BalancingB.com!




Step Out of Your Box

22 Feb

Happy Friday.

I have to say, it is kind of odd to think of today as the day of the week I would look forward to, countdown and then jump for joy when it arrived. Now that I have ditched the 9-5, my days are less structured and a lot happier. No more moaning and groaning, no more dread, no more stress, anxiety and panic attacks. (Yes, it was quite ugly at the end.)

Now, please do not get the idea that I sleep until noon and then eat grapes on the couch followed by an afternoon at the spa. That is quite far from reality.

I’ve been plugging away and working like a mad woman.

What I am loving most about my new routine is the way I feel. In a word, happy. I am no longer the crazy road-rage lady who has a short temper and feels the world is against her. I laugh more. I sleep better. I let myself relax. These are huge steps from where I was at just a few weeks ago. I also feel I am on a path that I want to be on, not just checking the box on another day.

Change is scary. But sometimes allowing our life to go on in an unhappy, negative space is even scarier.

What is your favorite part of the day?





19 Feb


I hope you’re having a good one!




What is Your Stylescope?

18 Feb

I am a self-proclaimed perfectionist. It is a blessing and curse all at once, as you other P’s in the world know.

A year and a half ago, Phil and I moved into our first home and set about working away at our projects, updates and improvements. It has been nothing short of the most fun I’ve ever had. No joke. Putting your time and effort into a home and seeing the results is so rewarding. And investing your efforts into such a special place with your sweetie is – for me – rewarding and fulfilling. And this comes from a girl who wanted to live in a condo her whole life to avoid yard work. šŸ˜‰

With a house comes decisions. Lots of decisions. And as a P / control freak, what can I say, I have taken the lead on most projects, which I love. But there is always the one hump you can’t get over.

Enter, my living room.

I have been trying to decorate/style/design this room for far too long with visions of Pinterest boards floating in my head I ultimately become overwhelmed and throw my hands up. And so it sits, with a couch, chair, tv – the bare necessities. Ugh.

Time to get a vision, a game plan. On Friday I met with my girlfriend who is getting married this fall and we were discussing her vision. We talked through her colors, her dress, the reception – all of the layers to the event. And then it hit me; if I can plan my dream wedding, I can take on this living room! What I need is a vision.


Why not a style quiz? Heck, Cosmo and Seventeen have helped us to determine our style, favorite candy, movie that best defines our life and even the type of man we will one day marry ā€“ why not our decorating style?

Pop over to HomeGoods and see what your stylescope reads.

In the mean time, you will find me buried in blogs, etsy, style books and the likeā€¦




Healthy Homemade Biscotti

16 Feb

You can do this, I promise. These little crunchy sticks of goodness are so easy and healthy, you’d be a fool to pass.

The other great thing? They areĀ versatile. Change up the ingredients to your taste or just to shake it up based on your mood (suggestions below).


Healthy Cranberry and Pistachio Biscotti

  • 1 1/2 C whole wheat flour
  • 1/2 almond flour
  • 1/2 t baking powder
  • 1 t salt
  • 1 t baking soda
  • 2 egg whites
  • 1 whole egg
  • 3 T light butter (or Earth Balance)
  • 1/2 C dried cranberries
  • 1/2 C slivered almonds
  • 1/3 C shelled pistachios
  • zest of one lemon


  • preheat oven to 350 degrees
  • mix all dry ingredients together well (sift if you like)
  • in a mixer, add in one egg at a time followed by the butter until the mixture is well combined but not over worked
  • chop up mix ins (cranberries, nuts and zest) and fold into batter until evenly distributed
  • form dough into a flat, football shape and place on a lined baking sheet
  • bake for 25 minutes (dough should be cooked all of the way through with the edges a bit golden)
  • remove and let stand and cool for 10-15 minutes
  • slice dough into long strips about 1/4 inch thick
  • lay strips back onto baking sheet and put back into the oven for 12 minutes ( I like to flip them half-way through)


These bad boys clock in around 75 calories (as made per recipe above, with 24 pieces). Nutrition stats will change based on mix-ins and size of biscotti, but overall you can keep these well below a coffee joint.


You can totally shake this recipe up in so many ways; change the flour (any kind will do as long as you end up with 2C in the end), mix-ins and flavoring.

  • Mix ins: chocolate chips, white chocolate, dried fruit of any kind, any nut, cocoa powder.
  • Zest: change it up with other fruits or even make these savory and add in herbs. I love to add rosemary! Ā 



Yes, Friday!

15 Feb

Yo, Friday. I like where you’re head is at.

This week has been pretty darn stellar, I’m not going to lie. Maybe my stress is gone and I can see past the haze of crazy. Or maybe the saying that when you put good things out in the world, good things come in return. It’s hard to say. Either way, cheers.




Love is All You Need

14 Feb


Love comes in so many forms, shapes and sizes. It comes in quietly in the form of kind words, soft pink petals and morning snuggles. And other times in ways that shake your world; new little fingers and toes, kisses that change your world and sites of true beauty. But the one love we often overlook is self love – the accomplishments, the missteps, the laughs, the simple things and the grand, they all make up the beautiful life you are living that houses love everyday. Just look around.

Wishing you all a wonderful Valentine’s Day.




Like a Kid Again

13 Feb

Last weekend, my brother came down to stay with us. He was in town for a conference and we were lucky enough to have him visit for a few days. Although Shane had to attend his conference on Friday and Saturday, we were able to spend a good amount of time visiting, chatting, and just relaxing.

On Thursday, we whipped up some of my becoming-famous Mexi-burgers (recipe to come). The boys gave them two thumbs up, which is a wild success considering they are lean turkey burgers.

I also won them over with my Sweet Chocolate Secret Cupcakes (SCSCs). Another recipe for another day…and yes, these were healthy too! Shaner even ate one as part of his breakfast on Saturday.


It was so awesome to have him come and hang out. I adore my siblings and love every minute I get to spend with them.

Shane got on the road Sunday afternoon to head back home to his wifey (they just celebrated their one month anniversary. Yay!).

Phil didn’t have any homework so we were trying to decide what to do with our day when I got a wicked-good idea; office makeover time! We’ve been planning away and last week I selected the paint color and furniture. So, we decided to tackle the project.

office2 office1

Hot mess…..

I went and picked up the paint while Phil cleaned and emptied out the room. He started painting and I headed out to run errands. Two hours later, I finally was home with a big haul.Ā groceries

And the room was done! I’m in love.


Since I was feelingĀ nostalgic, I made some homemade chicken fingers and roastedĀ asparagusĀ for dinner that we enjoyed during the Grammys.veggies chicken fingers

It was a great weekend with lots of fun, relaxing and exciting projects!


The Pure Barre Class that Wasn’t

12 Feb

You know how people are always saying, ā€œugh, Mondayā€ and acting as though the day has actually done something to them? Well, that was actually the case with my Monday.

The day started off super awesome, I had big plans ā€“ my first day at Pure Barre Ann Arbor. The studio is about 30 min away, so I signed up a week before hand and was like a kid on Christmas anxiously waiting for my first class. The alarm was set, I put on my cutest outfit and made the drive over only to find a dark studio. Turns out class was cancelled at the last minute.

(Picture from their site, donā€™t let the open door fool you.)

To say I was in a bad mood would be fair. I certainly wasnā€™t mad, but I felt like a balloon when the air is let out. Whomp, whomp. It was 7:30am and I was decked out in gym gear and ready to go.

I made the best of it by wasting time and money at Whole Foods before driving back to my side of town. Sure, I was able to knock out several errands and still be home in time to see Kelly and Michael, but I was not happy.

20130211-224935.jpg 20130211-224907.jpg 20130211-224858.jpg 20130211-224829.jpg 20130211-224809.jpg

Unfortunately, no amount of BBQ Popchips, walks with Henry or other distractions could snap me out of my bad mood.


I had an appointment on the clear other side of town (30 min in the other direction) and planned to hit up the gym afterwards and then my standard Monday night yoga.

5 miles later and I peaced out. Forget Monday.

The only redeeming part of the day was watching Tierra FINALLY go home. Blach. Homegirl had a worse Monday than me. Fact.

Bye- bye, crazy.


I am on my way over to Pure Barre for another go at class again this morning. Hereā€™s hoping class is actually on. Or, at least I will check the schedule before I leave the house this time.

Have you ever had a class cancelled?




A Thought for Tuesday

12 Feb