Howdy, howdy!

27 Jun

Hey there bloggies!

Although this is my first blog, I have been in the blog-world for a while thanks to my job and following some great peeps.  Any whooo, I decided to start my own blog for a few reasons, one, I am an English major, but writing is one of my biggest fears (go figure, right?!).  So, by blogging, I am hoping some of the writing juices start flowing a little better.  Secondly, after following some great bloggers, I have learned so much from new recipes, training schedules, to simply knowing I am not alone in my struggles.  Some times we have bad days and it’s nice to be able to find some one out there who can relate or even find some one who had a great day and it can help turn your day around.  Love that!  Honestly, in the past few months I can’t even begin to count the amount of times a blog has made my day.  Sounds silly, but true.  And finally, I think blogging is fun, I finally said to myself, “Self, why not?!  Lets do this!”  🙂 

I like to have fun, be silly, laugh hard, but let’s be real, life happens and it is about being happy with yourself at the end of the day.  That is where I am at right now.  I have recently been dealt some tough news on a few fronts all in a short span of time and it has taken a toll on me.  Now, I live for me and am trrryyying to make my own decisions outside of other’s influence or pressure and let me say, it’s hard.  I am embarking on a new career path and studying to return to school.  So many decisions!  Ah!  It’s hard to push yourself when it is easy to just go back to where you were, but I am constantly reminding myself that I was unhappy in that space and while it’s hard now, I will get to a better space soon enough.  And I can say that where I’m at is better than where I started, though the path can be bumpy.

Luckily, I married the most amazing man eleven months ago who has been my biggest cheerleader through all of my endeavours.  He supports me and smiles when I share my next big idea or next adventure that I am sure to drag him into.  We have been learning what it’s like to live together, share, compromise and start our lives together.  So, now you know PG, he’s the crazy one who signed up for this 🙂

Through this blog, I plan to be doing a lot of self discovery.  I am ready for new challenges, new tastes, new ways of living….new everything.  So here we go!


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