Lots of Celebrating!

9 Aug


How was everyone’s weekend?  Mine was fun-filled and action packed!  I spent most of Friday afternoon running around and doing some last-minute errands before we packed up and hit the road for Saginaw.  Phil’s mom was having a 60th birthday party and I was the event planner extraordinaire so we hustled up north to start getting ready for the big shin-dig.  We spent Friday night setting up decorations, putting on table cloths, prepping food and getting a game plan for the next day.  Needless to say, I slept hard! 

When I finally woke up Saturday morning at 9:30 (yikes!!) it was time to get the show on the road!  More running around took place, decorating, balloons went up, Kathy’s cocktail was created and it was almost show time.  Kathy (my MIL) went all out, we’re talking a tent, dj, kegs and food for as far as the eye could see.  This was no joke of a party!  I was in charge of the cake and had orded it from the local bakery which has always received great reviews (even as a top pick in MI from The Knot), however, when I arrived to pick it up, the cake was WAY smaller than what I had ordered!  PANIC!  The owner of the bakery was very rude and unwilling to try to rectify the situation.  What a terrible way to run a business.  At one point she told me to just leave the cake if I didn’t like it!  Can you believe that?!  Like I can show up to a 50+ person party for my MIL with no cake.  $100 later I left with a very small cake crying my eyes out.

Everything turned out fine, thank goodness.  We had just enough cake and the party was a blast!!  Phil gave an awesome speech honoring his mom, a few laughs and a few tears were involved…he did such a great job!!  Some of Phil and my friends and family came and we partied the night away (some of us more than others). 🙂 

While Sunday should be a day of rest, it was just as busy as any other day.  We woke up to some famous blueberry pancakes (Kathy’s famous for them and she had picked the bb earlier that week…yumm-o!) and started cleaning up and reminiscing about the party.  But, we couldn’t stay long because as much as I love, love, love to be an event planner, I had a meeting back in the Detroit area for an exciting opportunity that we had to get back for.  

As some of you know who follow me on Twitter, I met with the coach and president of the MSU skating team and I will be assisting the team during their upcoming season!!  I am soooo over the moon I feel like a kid on Christmas.  MSU is my alma mater and I spent all four years on the skating team; it was truly one of the best times of my life and to be a part of that again is a dream come true.  While there are some late night and early morning practices, I am so stoked I don’t think I’ll mind (I say that now, but wait until the alarm goes off at 4am! ha!).  I start my new job at MSU in one week so I will already be on campus which is why my husband had the genius idea  to look into the skating team.  Phil = smart man.

So, I am on my last week of ‘freedom’ since my life is about to get very crazy busy with some fourteen hour days on the horizon…yikes!  But, being back at State and spending my time on the ice sounds like heaven so fingers crossed that my tune hasn’t changed in a few weeks. Hehe.  Thanks to all my friends and family for their well wishes, support and love. I’m off to tackle my to-do list.  Happy Monday!  XO- Brynn


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