Get to Know Guster

1 Oct

Hey-o! So, I thought that I would start a new type of post on my blog called, ‘Get to Know Guster’…that would be me 🙂

Today, I thought I would share the most bizzare thing about me (at least that is what I’m told). Ready for it?  No, are you reaaallly ready?  OK- here it goes, I don’t like cheese or anything white and creamy. There.  I said it. Hard for some to believe, but once you share one meal with me, you’ll see that I am a semi-picky eater to put it lightly.  My parents always said that I disected my food, scraping away parts that I didn’t want. And I still do. 

Honestly, having these ‘odd’ tastes can be quite difficult.  For example, when I go to a sandwich shop and they ask, “what type of meat?”

Me: “Turkey”

SS Peeps: “What type of cheese?”

Me: “None.”

SS Peeps: “None? Are you sure?”

YES, I am sure. No joke, the SS peeps question me as though I forgot what I like or didn’t realize what they were asking me. I truly get a bit erked over it because as the sandwich moves down the line I also inform them that no, I do not want mayo or miricle whip or anything of the sorts. GASP! The horror! It is amazing how much this upsets people, they can’t seem to understand. I do not like cheese. The ONLY time I eat cheese is on pizza, and even then less is more for this girl.

Most girls, including one of my gf tells me how lucky I am, that you have to pull the cheese from her hands. I am not not eating it for any type of dietary reasons. In fact, sometimes I wish I did like cheese so I could have the snack reccomendations you see in magazines.  Or those mini Baby Bell cheese look so cute. None for me :/ And don’t even get me started on cottage cheese…I have a gag reflex at teh mere thought of it. Probably because it combines my two least favorite foods; cheese and white/creamy stuff.  Bogus.

As far as the cream issue, again, this is not for health reasons, I simply do not like the taste of white stuff; ranch dressing, sour cream, mayo, cream of anything, etc. When PG and I started dating, his mom was completely confused by me. She used to call up PG before we were coming to visit and run the weekend menu by him to see if I would eat any of it. Ha 🙂 I thought it was sweet, but she had quite the headache over it (sorry Kathy!). You see, she was a single parent raising one boy who ate (and still eats) anything and everything.  So, when I came along, boy did I throw her for a loop!

So, that is me and my food ‘weirdness.’ Just wanted to share. 🙂 I am sure there are others out there with their likes and dislikes, feel free to share so I don’t feel  like the only weirdo.


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