It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

17 Dec

Howdy kids-

Well, I hope everyone is still in one piece during this fun yet crazy time of year! I FINALLY finished my Christmas shopping last night – yahoo! However, once I got home, I realized I still need to wrap them – dang. Oh well, nothing a little glass of wine and Christmas Vacation flick can’t help me tackle.

This weekend we are packed full of parties which is fun but adds a lot to the to-do list. Tonight is my girlfriend’s surprise (shhh!) 30th birthday party. Her boyfriend and PG (the hubs) are working all day to get the party ready. Not sure what type of shin-dig this will be with those two at the wheel, but if one thing is for sure, there will be beer and it will be a great time! Unfortunatley, due to work I’ll miss the big moment, but I am excited to celebrate with everyone.

Then tomorrow we’re heading up north for PG’s family Christmas party. We do a girl and guy gift exchange (everyone brings a $20 gift, you put it in the pile and then draw a number to see who goes first). It’s a good time and I love his cousins (whom he grew up with), they are all very close and a ton of fun. I am also looking forward to eats. They have a very casual buffet set up with pizza, to-die-for meatballs, shrimp, egg rolls, veggies, nuts, etc. It’s my favorite way to eat – a little of everything! I’m well known for being a snacker, I much prefer that to big meals. Maybe because I’m indecisive but I like to have a hand full of this, a cup of soup, then a hand full of that and so on through the day.

On Sunday we will take our annual trip to Bronners (aka Christmas land). Have you heard of this place? It is Christmas 365 days a year. The store houses XX feet worth of ornaments that you can find in every theme and color you could ever imagine. You can even have them hand painted and customized (yes, I have my very own ‘Brynn’ purple ornament that hangs on my MIL’s tree, Henry has one too!). This place really goes all out with decorations even stretching all through town – it is so fun and it is hard to not catch a little Christmas spirit! Little me and large St. Nick

Hope everyone is having a great week…we made it through another one! Yahoo! TGIF!


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