You Say Good-Bye and I say Hello.

29 Dec

I woke up this morning to the news stating,  “there are two days left in 2010.” Whoa, what?! How did that happen? As much as I have been trying to live in the moment and take in what is around me, it still feels hard to believe that the year is coming to an end. When I think back to this year, I accomplished several goals;

  • I worked on myself
  • hit the gym, tried new classes and even took part of a 30-mile bike ride
  • spent time with friends and family
  • spent quality time with my two favorite boys from daily walks to snuggles on the couch these two guys make my heart smile so I love any time I get with them
  • traveled (one of my passions)
  • threw the hubs an awesome 30th birthday party
  • baked, cooked and played in the kitchen – my confidence is growing and I love getting my hands messy!
  • took on two of my biggest challenges (thus becoming two of my biggest accomplishments)
  • made some big decisions

It’s been a good year in an odd way. I say that because it was not an easy year, but when I look back, I was happy and am fulfilled by the way I lived in 2010. I think that is a good accomplishment; to be proud of the way you live and handle yourself. They say that we can only control the way we react, not the actual action and I feel as though I did just that this year.

Funny how putting forth a little effort each day and staying true to yourself can lead to a happy year. Sure there are bumps in the road, I’ve had my days (believe you me!), but I have been focusing on incorporating the things/people I love into my day and handling the situation with grace.

Looking forward, I don’t have many expectations for 2011. We have a lot on our calendar already so it is sure to be a busy year hopfully full of happiness, good fortune and health.

What was your biggest accomplishment of 2010? What are you looking forward to in 2011?


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