One of Those Great Days

3 Jan

Yesterday was one of those great days; one of those days that is relaxing, fun, productive and I would venture to say perfect. Well, perfect in my world 🙂

My perfect day includes easing into the day (aka no alarm) followed by a trip to the gym. Although it sounds silly, one of my biggest pleasures is hitting the gym with no time constraint. I love going to the gym, so when I can walk in with no end time…well, that just makes my day. Feeling an extra mile? Go for it! Want to do three reps vs. your regular two? Knock ’em out. Feels soooo good.

PG and I came home, whipped up some egg whites, fruit and toast for fuel and cleaned up so we could start our day. We had errands to run including a few purchases, returns and exchanges, and hit up the book store to use my 50% off coupon (thank you, Borders!). Later in the afternoon we took a trip about 20 min north to visit some our very best friends and their son/our godson. Due to our schedules, we had not met up yet to exchange Christmas gifts, so we gave B his gift and a customized ornament for his first Christmas. It is so fun to spend time with our favorites.

We came home to cook a delish dinner followed by a trip to the ice cream parlor for a banana split! Yumm-o. When it comes to desert, PG and I are a match made in heaven. We both love our sweets and like to treat ourselves every once in a while. The night wrapped with some Wii.

I love days where I can be productive yet never feel rushed or overwhelmed. Having a nice pace to the day, visiting friends, being productive and healthy all equal a great, great day for me. Oh, and ending the day snuggling with my favorites doesn’t hurt either. 


One Response to “One of Those Great Days”

  1. Heather (Where's the Beach) January 3, 2011 at 9:45 am #

    Sounds like a good one to me too!

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