Helathy Candy?

4 Jan

While scanning through my daily Hungry Girl e-mail, I saw a clip about a new candy – Beauty Candy. Yup, you read it right. This new zero-calorie candy started in Brazil and is coming our way (it was only a matter of time). According to the manufacturers, the candy ‘allegedly’ improves health, increases energy, slows aging and gives you a better complection…match that with no sugar, fat, sodium ooooor preservatives. Hummm, what is this stuff, water?

After the list of ‘does not contain,’ I have to wonder what this beauty candy is really made of. Are we just paying for the name, or the hope it will bring? Or will this product actually offer some great benefits? I personally try to live a life that includes a balanced diet of fruits, veggies, protein and of course some chocolate. But, I have been a sucker before and I might have to be one again (pun intended).

Would you pick up a bag of Beauty Candy?

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