Sanity Savers

6 Jan

One of the toughest parts of my day is 5pm. With my job came a new 1.15 hr commute…EACH WAY. Ugh. It is tough being stuck in a car because there is very little one can do. Not being able to be productive is irritating enough, but when I start to think of everything I COULD be doing (hanging with my boys, working out, doing laundry, making dinner, reading) well, you catch my drift – it’s frustrating!

That is why I love anything that makes me more efficient and effective in the time that I do have so once I finally get home, I can focus on the important things in life.

I have to admitt something to you all…I am one of those annoying people on their iPhone. (Don’t worry, I don’t text and drive. I signed Oprah’s petition!) Ah, be still my heart. With all the awesome apps one can truly stare at this phone all day and not even realize. I love being able to stay up-to-date with my to-do list, read status updates on FB and Twitter, e-mail, jump on sites, play games and much more.

But recently, I added some awesome apps that help me get through my day that I want to share with you incase you need a little help in this department like me.

  • Martha Stewart – while I am not a crazy fan, her app lets me see her recipe for the day or search based on my ingredients. Makes dinner easier and more interesting. Thanks, Martha!
  • LiveStrong – this is a great app to track your food intake and caloric burn. While I am not religious about doing this (although I should make more of an effort), it is a great way to check out the stats on food while you’re out and about.
  • Whole Foods Recipes – again, much like Martha, this app allows you to select by course, category, on hand and special dietary needs. Along with the option of creating a list, you can’t go wrong.
  • TV Guide – I know it sounds silly, but sometimes I just want to know what is on. You can also add your favorite programs so you know every time that episode of the Real Housewives is playing. Bonus!
  • Lifetime Gym – my gym has a mobile site (not really an app, but still deserves a place on the list), and I am completely obsessed. You can search by location and then select the day of the week you would like class times for. The page will display the full schedule and you can click on a class for more info. Honestly, I visit this site MULTIPULE times a week. When I’m running late and know I’ll miss spin class I quick jump on this site to see if there are any others around or a different class I could hit up instead. Keeps me on the go!

While we’re talking about sites, Tina at CarrotsNCake shared this dinner-friendly option on Real Simple, Dinner in 15 minutes, a cool place where you can create your meal.

Go in and select your ingredients and how you would like to prepare it – they even have a “surprise me” option, love that!

I hope some of these ideas help you be more efficient in your day. I know we are all busy and running around like crazy people so anything that can help me be organized is a must-have.

What do you do/use to be more efficient during the day?


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