Following Your Gut Instincts

15 Jan

Although I named my blog “BalancingB,” lately I think I need to change it to “BusyB!” The days are flying by and I have been neglecting my beloved blog. 😦 On that note, can you believe we are half-way through January?! What da what! Nuts-o.

The reason for my absence can be 100% explained and justified. My life is crazy. The end.

Kidding. Well, not about being busy (like everyone else), but I have been spending time trying to focus on redirecting  my energy to the things and people who are important to me on a daily basis. I struggle with this balance A LOT. I try to hard to be superwoman, taking on more than I can handle and yet thinking that I can do it all with a smile on my face. Makes me tired just thinking about it. I spread myself thin not being present in the situation but rather getting caught up in thinking ahead and obsessing over to-do lists.

Bethenny (from The Real Housewives of NY) wrote a book about this in terms of food. Hungry? Eat. Not? Don’t. Not sure what you want? Don’t just stuff yourself with a bag of chips, wait until the craving hits. This concept is difficult, yet rewarding as you feel full, satisfied and can move on without issues afterwards. I have been trying to live my life in this manner lately. It is hard, sometimes I get frustrated. But, owning your actions and decisions can feel amazing.

I have realized (with a little help from PG), that I put too much stress on everything I am doing. Just do it, own it and move on. Simple…not so much. But a little work now can lead to less stress and that is something I can get behind.

Over the past ten days I ‘ve been spending quality time with my boys, going the gym, running errands and trying to follow my instincts of what I REALLY want to do, rather than what I should be doing. There is a big difference people. I had to pull back to the bare necessities and ask myself what was important to me that I wanted to add back into my life. What makes you feel good, feeds your soul, reenergizes you? These are the people and things we need to invest our time and energy into.

Last weekend we wrapped up our errands around 2pm on Sunday, I really wanted to go to the show but felt guilty. Not sure why, but I started talking myself out of going. PG asked me what I really wanted to do, the answer that would not leave me with guilt or regret. I said, “I want to hurry up and make it to the show!” We did and I really enjoyed the movie, relaxing and knowing I followed my gut.

I’ve been noticing that my busy schedule hasn’t felt so busy. I guess I was feeling bogged down with too many ‘have tos’ rather than ‘wanting to’ or even ‘chosing to.’ My days still start at 5am, I still work, coach, commute, run errands, hit the gym, walk Henry, cook and clean. But now, I focus on what I am doing and try to not think about the rest until the time comes. On Wednesdays, I have 15 hr work days, the gym is simply not happening…and that is ok.  Move on. My life will continue, I will not gain ten pounds, the gym will still be there tomorrow. 

Changing your perspective on life is not easy, but so far it has been paying off in big ways.

What do you do to help keep your life balanced?


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