Sunday, Sunday

16 Jan

I thought Sunday was a day of rest….not so much for this girl today. It was a big, big day – skating competition day! I got up and at ’em with a trip to the gym to get the blood pumping and came home to some delishish ‘healthified’ french toast, fruit and coffee (my husband rocks and knows the way to my heart all too well).

I am the assistant coach to a Big Ten skating team and today we headed over to Fraser for our third competition of the season. We have made some changes to the program so today was all about going out and skating our best with the new moves we added over the past week. 

The girls did a great job and we came in third, less than one point behind second place! Overall, we are having an awesome year. The season runs for about eight month with the last third (Jan-March) being crazy intense and busy with practice and competitions all over the US. Hold on kids, it’s about to get crazy around here.

Following skating, I headed over to Troy for some good eats and shopping. I stopped at Whole Foods for a snack and stocked up for the work week.  Look at this little gem:

Can’t wait to dig into that for lunch tomorrow. Does anyone else get super stoked to hit up the hot/cold bar at WF? Love it! I guess it is the little things, but even this picture makes me smile.

Fast forward to the mall, lets just say I did some serious damage. I had to take two trips to the car because my arms were to tired from carrying bags…yes, I told you it got ugly. But, in my defense, there are some birthdays, anniversaries and celebrations around the corner, so not ALL of it was for moi. Just some of it. 🙂

 Tonight the boys headed to PG’s home town for an early dinner with his family. Henry is going to hang out with his “Grandma” and PG is going out with the guys from his old job to play some poker, which leaves me to fend for myself.  A quiet home rarely happens and I try to embrace the P&Q when it comes, because it will be over in about one hour when the guys return 🙂

Tonight, I took a nice soak  thanks to some goodies from Lush and am now enjoying the Golden Globes with a blanket and big bowl of popcorn (is there any other way?!). Ahhh, so nice. Hope you all had a wonderful Sunday and weekend!


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