Laughs, Links and Jams

27 Jan

Hi kids! Well, even though this seems to be the LONGEST week ever, it is Thursday. Yahoo! Great news. And since we are still one working day away from the weekend, I thought we could all use some inspiration and laughs to get us through the day.

First off, if you are an animal lover, be sure to check out Sloppy Kiss Site.  You can select your animal, breed and occasion, then watch your chosen pet act, dance and just be gosh darn cute. We actually got a card from the vet cusomized for my parent’s dog wishing Ms. Lilly a happy birthday (honestly, they are the coolest).

Or how about a video or two about silly humans. Exibit A: man trying to walk.

Have you guys seen this guy? OMG- hilarious, just watch.

Or a dog playing a piano?

All give me a good laugh, hope they do for you too!

And finally, I will rap up with some of my favorite jams as of late. I am completely obsessed with my Nano and love loading new music and playlists. Here are a few of my latest motivations while on the dreadmill:

Shark in the Water. Ah, love this song! Love her.

Dog Days Are Over. OK, I know this has been around (anyone else love this on Glee?!), but let me tell you, this song is the perfect end-of-the-run song. I mean, no better way to sprint through the last half mile – trust me.

Hope everyone has a great, great Thursday! I don’t know about you, but I am R-E-A-D-Y for the weekend! Big plans and good times are so close I can almost taste them.

What are some of your favorite sites, songs or videos that are keeping you going this week?


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