Celebration Weekend

3 Feb

Last weekend was a biggie for my family – my parent’s 30th wedding anniversary! My sister and hubs drove in from Chicago, we headed north and all gathered with my parents, brother and girlfriend (along with a total of three dogs) on Friday night in Traverse City. When we are all together, it feels like we are kids again.

The three of us kids have been planning a few fun outings for the weekend over the past weeks. On Sat, we all loaded into the Traverse and took off for lunch…unfortunately, our favorite spot was closed! Ah! Granted, the restaurant is a hole-in-the-wall in the middle of no where and it was the dead of winter – I guess we should have called. But, we made the best of it and headed off to our first winery which also has a restaurant attached.At 2:00 p.m. my mom made a toast to my dad, that was the time, 30 years ago, that they said ‘I do.’ 🙂 We all got teary-eyed as she shared memories from the day and said a few words to each of us. It was so sweet and emotional.

After a delishish meal with a little vino, we went next door to my FAVORITE winery, Leelenau Cellars. They have a great variety of reds, whites and a new line of sangria…hello, lover! Although I am traditionally a white girl, lately I have been finding some great reds, wine tasting is a great place to try a variety and find a new favorite.

Next, we loaded into the car and headed to Black Star Farms. This was actually someone’s home at one point and is now a very popular winery and location to get married. During the summer, the grounds are truly breath-taking, however, we were there with one mission – more vino!

Another stop or two took place on the way home (undocumented :)). My brother is an amazing cook and went to work in the kitchen prepping a wonderful meal of filets mignon, green beans, roasted sweet and russet potatoes, salad and rolls. Our bellies were happy! We had a champagne toast and dug in. To finish out the night, we surprised my mom and dad with a cake – you can’t have a party without some sweets!!

Sunday started with some pancakes, coffee and lounging (OK, so I had oatmeal). We got up and around and at 3pm enjoyed another Dilloway favorite – manicotti. Again, we were dazzled by my brother’s cooking skills. After too much food, we all got into our respective cars and headed home.

We had such an awesome time, it was so fun to plan and celebrate such a special time for my parents. Hope you all had a great weekend, too!


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