To Everything Turn, Turn, Turn

9 Feb

I would consider myself someone with an immense amount of balance. Growing up on the ice gave me the ability to spin, jump and skate on the edge of a blade – no easy task. I have a soft spot for yoga, it is truly one of my new loves. In class, I sail through the balance poses, they don’t phase me as my body is built to come back to center (even in half moon with my eyes closed, no handed). However, that is all physical.

When it comes to balancing stress, to-do lists, obligations, and responsibilites against your wants well, that is a whole different type of balance that does not come as easy to me.

Balance. The reason I went with BalancingB for my blog was to create a constant reminder to keep balance in my life. But also to remind myself that life is a constant balancing act; we can’t always stay centered, and that is okay. 

Lately, I have been way off-center. I have some exciting news happening in my life, in my friend’s and family’s ….however, I can’t quite share them. Trying to maintain one life while living another is quite a difficult task to say the least and I for one will be happy when the new developments and news is finalized. All I can say is 1). it’s all good, and 2). no, I’m not pregnant. 🙂

Any who, balance has been my word of the day for about the past two weeks. There are certain responsibilities that are demanding my attention and others are falling to the wayside. I am trying to be conscious and know that I will balance back out soon enough, but for now, I am making sacrifices.

Por ejemplo- skating season is in FULL swing with lots of practices and traveling to competitions on the weekends, it is clear that coaching is dominating my time more than ever before. However, when the season is over in three weeks, I can return to my normal broadcasting with time to see friends, hit the gym on a regular basis,  read, go for walks with Henry, watch movies on the couch with PG, etc. For now, these things are not happening.

At one point I would stress out (ok, I still do a little), but I am working to take a deep breath, understand that my ‘balance’ is off for now, but will soon swing back to center. Until then, I’m breathing and giving myself a constant reminder that all I can do is the best with what I have, enjoying the ride as much as possible because soon, this craziness will be the past.


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