11 Feb
Hi there! Well, we did it, we made it to Friday. Recently, I have become a HUGE fan of Fridays…not Saturday, not Sunday, nope, Fri. Why, well, it is my only day off during the week and my lovely work has been cool enough to let me work from home once a week so I can do some ‘normal’ people stuff until skating season is over and I can return to my former self.

I love these days, I am the queen of multi-tasking. I get a huge rush when I can simultaneously knock things off my to-do list, or blog while listening to the news, etc. Hence, my new name for the day; Thank Goodness it’s Multitasking Friday!! 🙂 Cleaver, I know.

This morning I leapt out of bed at 5am (no joke), started the mud-maker and made PG’s lunch. Now, I am no wonder woman, he actually does this for me every other day and does all of the grocery shopping. Yes, he is wonderful and he also knows that if he doesn’t we would have cereal or popcorn for din-din because that’s how I roll.

After he took off at 6am, I jumped on my computer to knock out some work with a big cup o’ mud. After a few hours, I decided to have a little one on one time with my fantasy trainer:

Today is a rest/cross training day, and a good stretch and burn did the trick. Then came this dream boat (Chobani, berries and granola):

Big mess o'goodness


Back to work for a bit while laundry is going (did I mention how much I love a day at home?!).

15 min stretch = a clean bathroom.

When lunch time rolled around, I once again was the multi-tasking queen. I threw this in the oven

Time to play with your food!

And then ate this (EBTKS salad)

Everything But the Kitchen Sink Salad

Later, this pink goodness will become cake balls for some special valentines 😉 I also plan to knock out more work, laundry and vacuum the upstairs followed by errands later tonight.

Tomorrow is another competition for the skating team and as a surprise, I am taking PG on a special trip. I’ll be hitting the hay at a decent time tonight so I can hit the road bright and early in the am.


Are you a multitasker? What is your favorite way to kill two birds with one stone?


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