Blades of Glory

16 Feb

As you may know, I am the assistant coach for a collegiate synchronized skating team. When I was in college, I actually skated for the team all four years and was the vice president. To say that skating and synchronized skating are a large part of my life would be an understatement. I have spent the past 25 years in skates  – the rink is my second home.

Despite the difficult schedule of working 50 hr weeks and then adding on 6 hrs of coaching, commuting and normal daily activities, my days have been packed over the past eight months.  However, I have loved every second of being back with the team; skating is my happy place.

Today was my last crazy-early practice (4am wake-up call? Umm, no one is home), it was bittersweet – I love the team but 15 hr days wear on you fast!

For all of you who are unfamiliar with the sport or want to take a little glimpse into my world-  The State News (the university’s  daily newspaper) did an article on the team. No, I was not at this particular practice, so no cameos from yours truly. But it is a great clip on the girls, their energy and a little of what we do on the ice (click the picture for the video).


Ice Queenie


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