Viva Las Vegas

28 Feb

Ok, finally getting around to my Vegas vacation recap!

Two weekends ago, PG and I packed up and jumped on an airplane headed for Las Vegas! This is one of our all-time favorite vacation spots along with the place we got engaged 🙂

Lucky in love.

Our flight took off bright and early, so we arrived at 10:30am Vegas time. We checked into our hotel, Aria and then headed for lunch (because despite the clock reading noon, my belly was still on MI time aka 3pm). Thanks to some research and suggestions, we ended up across the road at this little gem. I enjoyed a wrap and we split a beer (if you knew my tolerance, or lack there of, you would understand why). It was delish!

We decided to head back to the hotel for some time by the pool. It felt so good to relax and let the sun warm our skin. Ahhh.

The proper way to kick-off vacation.

That night we headed out for dinner and some gambling.

Saturday morning started with a great 4 mile run followed by 4 hours at the spa. Oh lord was it good. We actually went down to the Venetian which has the top-rated spa on the strip – it is no joke. PG and I enjoyed a couple’s massage and then ventured into some of their specialized rooms. They have a salt room, a sauna, a room where you hang upside down, etc. Everything was very cutting edge and trendy.

Oh-so-good organic eats.

The spa also includes a restaurant that is 100% organic and offers only healthy meals with all of the ingredients and stats provided. Umm, yes please! PG was a good sport, as usual and dealt with my love for healthy options (even on vacay). It was so yum, I had the best greek salad and black bean soup.

Of course, we needed a little sweet treat to wash it all down, so when we spotted the fro-yo place, we were set. Two spoons again.

And then, it got ugly. I spotted some stores and did some serious, SERIOUS shopping. We were not sure how to get the goods home, but I was not about to leave anything behind so I figured it out.

Sin city; shopping and drinking.

Drinks on the deck.

Sat night we went to see KA, the AMAZING Cirque de Solei show, had another great meal at Wolfgang Puck and did some more gambling with a few cocktails sprinkled in throughout. 🙂

KA at MGM- Amazing!

Sunday was a lot of sight-seeing and begging PG to stay just a little bit longer. No such luck. But we did have a great, great time!

Only a few more months until the real Paris.

One Response to “Viva Las Vegas”

  1. Heather (Where's the Beach) March 1, 2011 at 2:45 pm #

    Looks like a great getaway weekend!

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