Whoa Baby!

1 Mar

In the words of Stephanie Tanner, “Whoa baby!”

I just realized that I am leaving for California tomorrow! Well, not just, this came like a slap upside the head yesterday. I have had this trip on my calendar for over eight months, but between Vegas and the new job, I totally did not see this coming. Yikes!

Time to do some serious packing (aka, planning of outfits), which will be a doozie since I am going out to warm weather (hello LaLa Land!), but will be spending a few hours a day in an ice rink. Humm, I think this calls for a bigger suitcase!

OK, I’m off to run errands and basically shove everything I can inside of a suitcase before my flight tomorrow morning. Wonder if Henry can come. LA loves dogs in bags!

Wish me luck. And I’m off….

What do you always take with you on a trip? I must have some good reads and snacks for the plane along with a camera for the actual trip.


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