10 Mar

Sometimes we have to make decisions in life. Some are difficult and some are not.

Example of an easy decision: ice cream or dinner? Obv. ice cream.

Difficult decision: gym or sleep?

For me, there is no one answer to this question becuase the answer is totally relative. Some mornings I am sleepy, but once I am up and moving, the gym is always the better choice. Answer: gym.

However, there are other times when hitting the gym seems to almost work against you. Case and point, my life so far this week. On Saturday, I spent 21 hours with the skating team at the rink. No joke. Obviously going to the gym would have been a bad idea. I then decided to sleep in on Sunday followed by a 5.5 hr plane ride home. No gym again.

On Monday night I decided to spend the evening eating veggie pizza and snuggling with my boys whom I had not seen in almost a week. Definately a better decision then the gym.

Tuesday was a different story, I met my bestie after work and we knocked out 4 miles. Great decision. My body rested for a few days and then I was ready to get back in the game.

Getting to the point of listening to my body has been difficult. The old B would have pushed herself to go to they gym every day for an hour – no ifs, ands or buts about it. But I listened to my body and decided to spend time recovering from a busy trip backed up to a crazy work week, and soaking in my loves.

Will I be a pound heavier? Maybe. Maybe not. Would the gym have given me a stronger body? Probably. However, as much as I want to loose the three pounds that won’t budge before summer and run a stellar race in May, I need to respect my body. Love and sleep make me happy too.

Knowing a life made of workouts and healthy eating still creeps into my mind. At times I feel guilt over enjoying a treat or passing on the gym. However, during that time in my life, that was my main focus. But now I have a husband, family, career, ‘adult decisions’ (ex. buying our first home), and friends that I balance along with the gym and healthy eating. I’m not perfect, I can’t do it all. But I am starting to learn being happy and fulfilled comes in more than one package.

What is a decision you made for yourself lately? Have you had to chose between two options, one you should do and one you want to do?


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