Just Do It

22 Mar

My "Do I have to?" face

Saturday marked my first long run in my 10K training plan – 4 miles. For this girl, that was a bit daunting, but I knew I could do it.

But then I started running. Not good. Is anyone with me when I say I have a favorite treadmill? I started on one and I just wasn’t feelin’ it, so after .25 miles, I went to my trusted mill a few rows back and started again.

Then my ear bud decided to get a mind of its own. After a mile of fighting with it, I finally was situated.

3 miles down, 1 to go.

And then, just as I am hitting my groove the man on my shuffle kindly let me know that my power low and my music was about to be shut down. What?! No!

Somehow I survived all 4 miles! I don’t say that due to my training or endurance, but everything seemed to be working against me. But I did it. I kept telling myself, “Brynn, you can do this. If you walk away under 4, you will be disappointed…Just Do It!”

I was really proud of myself not for finishing the 4 miles, but for having the determination and focus to push through and know what I was really after. No excuses for this girl. I’ll tell you, training for a run can provide some serious life lessons and prove just what you are made of – whether you knew it or not.


After my first long run - yahoo!

Do you ever have bad days or bad runs? What do you do; push through or try again tomorrow? Looking for some advice as I start my training plan!


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