Pump It, Pump It

24 Mar

Morning loves,

What a day it has been already. TGIT! That means that tomorrow is Friday! Whoo hoo! Although I have to go into work this weekend, Saturday is free and clear of work and I am ready for a day off.

This morning was one of those tough ‘I-don’t-want-to-get-out-of-bed’ mornings. After a little coaxing I talked myself into a trip to the gym. Today was speed play and despite having no motivation, I sure did sign myself up for a doozie this am. Here’s what my workout looked like:

0-5 min – warm up

5-10 min – jog at a comfortable pace

10- 20 min – hills starting at a 5% incline and increasing by 1 every min

20-30 min – speed intervals (90 sec at a full on sprint/ 60 sec recovery)

30-35 min – jog at a comfortable pace

Cool Down

Phew, it was tough and I was a hot mess when I left. I’ll tell you, a 3 mile run is one thing, but when you throw in all of those hills and intervals, kicks your butt.

I quickly headed home for some Chobani, fruit and granola and to wait for the repair man to come (in case you forgot, we had a little mishap when I was trying to leave for LaLa Land). I’m heading into work once my kitchen ceiling is intact again.

Hope you all have a great Thursday…almost the weekend!!




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