Weekend Whirlwind

28 Mar

Do you ever have a weekend that is not really a weekend? I woke up this morning wondering when it was that I got to take a break…phew.

This weekend came in hot – lots on the to-do list. Here’s a brief snapshot of what was my weekend.

Friday – came home, threw the pup and hubs in the car for some house hunting followed by random grub at 9:30 pm.

Saturday – Woke up bright and early – 100% ready to rock the day. We had someone coming over to clean our couch between the hours of 8 – 11 am (seriously, how annoying is that? Just give me a time so I can get on with my day). PG hit up the gym at 7am while I stayed back to tackle some to-dos around the house and online. I managed to buy a baby gift, shoes, pay bills and clean our bedroom – told you I was ready to go. Next up was a little fuel – PG came home from the gym and tagged me – my turn. I hit the mill for my long run, 5 miles. It was great. I felt good the whole way, tired at the end for sure, but one of those “I can’t believe I am going to do this!” tired. You know?

I called my mom on the way home (side bar – we were supposed to be spending some QT with the fam this weekend, however, some work obligations changed those plans. Boo. I was missing my mom.) we continued to talk for  1 1/2 while i enjoyed a smoothie. I quick showered up and got in the car with PG trailing behind. The moment I dreaded for the past month was happening – I had to turn in my car. (More on this to come.)

I handled myself reasonably, only a few tears when we pulled away.

Since we were over in Ann Arbor, PG insisted on taking me to this sandwich shop Maize and Blue. Despite spending oodles of time in AA (working there for a year plus my sis went to U of M which meant lots of visits) and living there briefly, I am quite familiar with the great eats. But, I was wrong. Wow, this place was amaze-balls. One of those sandwich-as-big-as-your-head places. Luckily PG wanted to share a turkey on pumpernickel which came with a huge pickle. Delish!

Sufficiently stuffed, we got back in the car and made the treck all the way over to Bham and Troy to do some more house hunting. We spent the next 6 hours looking at homes. No one felt like warning me on how exhausting this is?!

That night I picked at three pieces of shrimp and crashed.

5 miles + emotional loss of car + house hunting = EXHAUSTION!


I had an on-site work meeting at 9am, so I was up and out the door. After receiving more assignments, I took my stressed out and pooped behind to yoga. Sunday’s class is my fav teacher – totally worth skipping a nap.

I got home and grabbed a quick bite while watching Sex and the City because that is a sure-fire way to cheer me up, before we headed out the door to two open houses. The day wrapped up at Bravo with some delish eats and some serious decision-making on our minds.

This weekend came and went in the blink of an eye. However, despite the mass amounts of work and to-dos, I still feel as though I was able to accomplish quite a bit. (PG was a rock star and cleaned the house when I working Sunday! Another to-do knocked off!)

Hope you all had a great weekend!

What is your quick sure-fire way to recharge? I love to watch a favorite show, read a good book or call up a friend.

PS – I promise to work on the picture situation – this is sad, one pic?!


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