Just What the Doctor Ordered

7 Apr

After a crazy, crazy week filled with work, house hunting, training runs and a few other debbie-downers I was ready for the weekend. And honestly, I couldn’t have had a better one.

Marina Girl’s Weekend

Here’s a story of two sisters, Claire and Katie who are also from TC (just like me and my sister).

Claire and my sis met at school and became the best of buds. During college, Claire started working at the marina in TC with here sis, and invited my sis to work with her.

Khouri girls with a Dilloway in the middle.

Then I got a job along with the fabulous Katie L. Together, we became the ‘Marina Girls.’


Katie Kate, Linds, Katie, Claire and Me

In a word, we had FUN. For three summers straight we worked at the city marina for hours a day on the end of the dock, bonding, talking, eating the best of TC food, laughing ….and, we had some good times outside of work too.

Through the years we have all stayed close. We are now married, engaged, working women who have started their families, had babies and one that is about to have her first. We celebrate each other’s success and are there in moments of weakness and sorrow. These are quality girls that you don’t find every day.

My sis arrived from Chicago on Friday night and the other girls came over to my place where I hosted the Marina Girl weekend. We ate, laughed, bonded – just spent some good friend time together. No boys allowed.

It is rare to have us all together again (we were missing one since she is expecting her second any day now. Yay!!). They are special moments that you don’t get every day.


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