Ups and Downs

16 Apr

What’s up, chicken butt?

Can you believe it’s the weekend already?! THANK GOODNESS. This week has been another that has tested not only my stress levels, but endurance and patience. Is it so much to ask to not have a huge issue/ event take place every week? When it rains it pours. But rather than get stuck in the dumps, I started to think about this week – truly, with every negative, there is a positive that balances things out. Granted, some times you really have to search for them, but they are there. Focusing on the positive makes it a little easier to push through to the next task. Here’s what I came up with:

  • Bestie and I now work in the same building (UP), so when her car died on Wednesday night (Down), we decided to carpool on both Thurs and Fri! UP! Spending extra time with the bestie is a serious plus not to mention the gas savings ($4/gallon?! – ouch!).
  • My motivation to workout has been seriously lacking this week resulting in a so-so training. Down
  • But, I did manage to make it to a spin class! First time in six weeks!! Whoo, whoo! UP!! And despite my lack of mileage, I have hit the gym most days this week. UP!
  • Our truck has been trapped at the dealership for three days (seriously, they are holding it hostage). Down
  • Luckily we have some amazing friends who are letting us borrow their car. UP!!
  • It’s the weekend. UP!! No down on that one!
  • I have some serious work to do this weekend, including a 12 hour work day on Fri followed by several more Sat and Sun. Down
  • We are heading to our godson’s first birthday party this afternoon!! UP!! I love this little nugget and it will be a much-needed time away from my to-do list this afternoon.

Don’t get me wrong, not everything in life is good, or has an UP and I am certainly no Suzzie Sunshine 100% of the time. But, when life hands you lemons, sometimes you have to make lemonade. 🙂


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