Friends and Family Weekend

3 May

This past weekend came and went in the blink of an eye! Our calendars were booked with lots of fun with family and friends.

On Saturday I planned to knock out my long run in my training plan. However, thanks to a super intense spin class Friday night, my legs were no good Sat am. After three  miles I threw in the towel. I was disappointed but reminded myself that we all have rough runs. I wanted to push through due to my fear that race day might be a ‘rough run,’ then what?! OK, now I am going to put myself into a panic. :/

When I returned home, my culinary blessed husband had whipped up his new specialty – omelets.

Are you ready for a little tidbit about me? I have NEVER ordered an omelet in my life. As you may recall, I am not a fan of cheese, and that is a main ingredient in the dish. But when you are ordering from your own kitchen, it is easy to customize. Enter the pepper, onion and spinach egg-white omelet. Yum!

All Kinds of Yum

Paired with some toast, turkey bacon and strawberries, I was full and happy. Unfortunately  I could not eat it all, but Henry got a few bites 🙂

Sat afternoon we headed over to Troy to watch the Traverse City Central girls tennis team play in a tournament. My brother is a coach, so we got to see him in action, spend some time catching up and enjoy the beautiful day. And Henry was quite excited to see his favorite uncle.

Assistant Coach Henry

We had plans to head out Sat evening so we headed home for a nice three-hour nap. It was so good to crash and burn – I felt like a new woman when I woke up.

Phil and I got cleaned up and dressed and headed to dinner at Oak City Grill. We had never been and enjoyed an awesome atmosphere, great wine and food. I would highly recommend this place. They had a live signer performing who was awesome, so if nothing else, I will be back for the wine and entertainment!

Oak City Grill

Then we made our way to South Bar for Ms. Kate’s birthday bash! It was tons of fun. I started the dance party (per usual) and we spent the night drinking and dancing.

Happy Birthday Kate!

Sunday morning came a bit too soon (ugh). But, we had plans over in Ann Arbor (about 35 min away) to walk for our cousin’s little girl in the March of Dimes Walk. Samantha was born three months early weighing in at just over 2 lbs. It was a great event with lots of families and friends.

Team Sam

We spent most of the morning and afternoon on the walk and then stopped by the hospital to visit Phil’s grandpa.

By time we arrived home, it was late, but there was still some packing to do! The night wrapped up with a little packing, dinner and catching up on the DVR before I crashed.

And just like that it was time to say good-bye to the weekend. It was a great one, but why do they always go so fast?!

What did you do to ring in the first weekend in May?


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