A Whacky Week

13 May

Wow, where did this week go?! I cannot belive it is already Friday (not that I am complaining). 😉

Hope everyone had a wonderful week and that it flew by as quickly for you as it did me. Unfortunately, the reason it flew by wasn’t for a good reason. Phil and I ran into some bad news on Monday, which was a rough way to start the week. No worries, we are ok, just a little set-back that we were not expecting with the house. I spent most of Monday and Tuesday attempting to keep perspective and realize that life will go on and I will be ok – but the stress finally got to me. Ugh. My mind was totally preoccupied resulting in some skipped runs in favor of focusing on some to-dos.

Before I knew it, it was Friday! Yay! Despite being the thirteenth, today was wonderful (we hit 78 degrees!). I wrapped up work and headed out for my last long run before my 10k. My life has been way out of whack and it felt good to refocus on my running and clear my mind. It is funny how a workout can do that – such a stress relief.

I have to say, after this week, I am ready for a little down time. Our plans for the weekend include one thing, PACK! We have most of the weekend clear besides a few social events to pack up our place. To be honest, I am not looking forward to this huge task so I have broken it into goals for each day. Tonight, I plan to catch up on my DVR and clean out my closets (I know, crazy Friday night, ha!). Oh, and maybe a little vino or Swirlberry….we’ll see what kind of night this turns into.



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