Early Bird Gets the Worm

14 May

This morning my internal alarm clock was going off – at 6:30am I rolled out of bed ready to start my day. Our plans? Pack.

However, hubs was still sleeping and I didn’t want to start running around the house, so I started out with some DVR and breakfast for an hour followed by dishes and the dishwasher. Once a few odds and ends were taken care of, guess who woke up? Great timing! We started out at 7am, so far my day has included some of this:


Lots of cleaning and purging

And then I headed down to the kitchen…I did not realize how many cookbooks I have! And this isn’t even all of them!!

Cook much?

The morning and afternoon were super productive, we’ve put a huge dent in the packing task. Once lunch time rolled around, I headed out to pick up Henry from the groomers and some eats from Panera. I heart their black bean soup and on this now rainy day, it hit the spot.

Do you like my new 'do?

Time to wrap up a few more to-dos, hit the gym and then get ready for girls night. We’re doing some shopping, dinner and then heading to see a chick-flick. Yes, we are aware that we’re signing up for a cliché evening.

Hope you are having a great one.



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