Lets Rock (and Roll)

1 Jun

Happy June first! Can you believe it?! I am not sure where May went, but June came in hot and heavy. In a matter of days the temps here in the mitten went from high 50s/low 60s to 91 degrees yesterday – scorcher. But believe you me, I am not complaining by any stretch. Bring. On. The. Sun.

My recap of last weekend is on its way, but before I look back, lets look forward. Today is National Running Day! Whoo hoo – go get your run on, I know I did. Come on, all the cool kids are doing it 🙂 And, as a lovely bonus, the Rock and Roll Marathon folks are encouraging runners to sign up for a race by providing a discount today, score!

Following my 10k last weekend, I am totally stoked to sign-up for another run. Not to mention I am feeling a little lost without a training plan. However, I do have some nerves to jump into the 1/2 marathon group. I have narrowed my options down to two runs; Chicago or Savannah. My bestie and I are going to decide today which one we are going to sign up for.

What are your summer running plans? Are you heading out on a run to celebrate the holiday?




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