HLS Golden Ticket

7 Jun

Hi there BB readers! Sorry for being so MIA between running my first race, Memorial Day – vacation and moving into our new home, I have been neglecting the blog. So sorry. Plus, I miss my writing and using my creative juices!

Although yesterday was Monday, a notoriously bad day of the week, things seemed to work in my favor! I was pleasantly surprised. The day started out in my new home – how can you beat that?! It felt so good to walk though my new home and get ready for my new-ish job – things felt right. Like everything was falling into place.

Fast-forward past a day at work and I returned home to find my two boys working hard in the garage. Phil loves to tinker in the garage with all of his tools and knick-knacks so he is over the moon to have the space and time (we were previously in a condo).

I have been seriously neglecting my workouts post race, but I was feeling a run last night. I headed out to successfully complete 4 strong miles. I felt great. When I returned home, I leashed up Henry for a walk around the neighborhood to cool down.

When I returned home, the clock read 7:45pm, so I quick jumped onto my phone to get ready to score myself a Healthy Living Summit ticket. And look who got her golden ticket–

I’m so excited to attend my FIRST blogging event! It is going to be a blast meeting all of the bloggers I follow and learning lots of good information.

Are you attending the conference?

The night wrapped up with a great meal, ice cream and a bubble bath. It was an awesome Monday night to say the least.

Hope you all had a great start to your week too!




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