A Wonderful Weekend

12 Jun

Ok, I know this is going to sound annoying, but I love my new house. I love, love, love my new house. For some reason, I have found a new sense of calm and peace that I have never experienced before since moving in just one short week ago.

All week I have been anxious to get home after work just to head out to the garden and get working on planting. I know, who am I? And this weekend was no different. On Friday night I came home to do a little bit of work in the yard before coming in for a nice quiet dinner and an early bed time. Yes, lame. But, that was because I had big, BIG plans for the am.

I woke up on my own Saturday morning ready to run. Sometimes, when I set my mind to it, I really look forward to my runs. Lately, I’ve felt a bit off since my training for the 10k ended. I certainly don’t want to lose all of the hard work I have put in, so I decided to go on a long run. I got yup at 7am, got dressed, grab some fuel and hit the road for Kensington.

Kensington Metro Park is a beautiful 8-mile paved loop around a water park, pond and marina. There is truly no better place to run. The issue? I have only run 6 miles and the loop is 8 miles. So, I figured I had two options; one, run out three miles and turn around. Or two, run out six and see how it goes from there. After three I was feeling good so I decided to keep going. I finished my six and after some intense hills, I was tired. I hit up a drinking fountain and walk for two minutes before running again. I ended up running the rest of the way; yup, you read right, I ran eight miles!!

I cannot tell you how awesome I felt to run the whole loop, I NEVER thought I would do that in my entire life. I stretched out and met some other runners whom I shared my training plan with and gave me a few tips (they just finished their 15 mile loop). It was such an awesome morning.

Following my run, I treated myself to some Starbucks and headed home for a shower and big hug from the hubs.

Later in the day, our friends from Defiance came to visit. When Phil and I first met (in Defiance), Carl was our friend that we always hung out with. Since then, he met his wonderful wife, Jessica. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see them all that much, so we were so excited to have them come to visit.

Around 2pm, they arrived at our house and after the tour we spent time relaxing in the backyard. At 5pm we headed downtown for some eats at Fishbone and an awesome Tigers game (80 degrees and a Win!!).

It was such a great day, a huge accomplishment, fun and friends.




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