Bayshore 10K Recap and Memorial Weekend

13 Jun

See, you all thought I was just behind on my post…but, how many posts went up over Memorial Day weekend? A ton. I was just saving mine. Riiiight 🙂

Actually, in the midst of the move, I managed to lose the cord to my camera and couldn’t download my pics (fail).

So, here goes. My fist big run, the Bayshore 10K. I took Friday off of work (actually to close on my new house!), so Phil and I were able to hit the road at a decent time, which was good since the race started bright and early Saturday morning.

Once we arrived in town, I headed right over to registration; my old highschool (go Trojans!).

Once I had my bib, shirt and goodies, I headed home to see my family and enjoy a wonderful carb-loading dinner. Afterwards, I laid out my gear and hit the hay.

At 6am, everyone in my family was up and at ’em ready to head over to the highschool to cheer me on. Phil was super excited and taking a ton of pics – I was not feelin it.

Despite the rain and cool temps, I was pumped and ready to go. I made a game time decision to run with my music, which ended up being the best idea. I usually run with friends or music, and since my bestie was taking on the 1/2 marathon, I stuck with my other bestie (playlist).

And look who else showed up

Nichole and Shane – Mile 2

I felt really great up until mile 4, but just as I was finishing a long, quiet stretch, I spotted my parents, Phil and my second sign

I managed to beat my time and finish 6.2 in 53 min! (Goal of 54 minutes.) I was super tired after the run, I left everything I had on the course, just what I wanted. And thanks to some awesome sponsors, I grabbed some food and drink to refuel and of course, the best ice cream


 A little while later, the runners started coming in for the 1/2 marathon and I was able to see my bestie and

We did it!

 It was such a great time. But, by 10am, all of my fans were tired, cold and hungry. We headed home for some showers and a big brunch. I spent the afternoon taking a nap and then heading downtown with mom for some shopping and to scope out my sister’s baby registry.

We had plans that night to meet up with everyone that came to Traverse City for the weekend at North Peak. Around 6pm we all gathered for drinks and then had a great dinner. It was so fun to all get together and celebrate.

After dinner, the ‘kids’ headed out to Scotts to enjoy the beautiful night.

Cleaned up.

The night continued on with a few more pit stops at a few bars.

It was an awesome day with lots of love, laughter, support, fun and accomplishments. Dare I saw I was bitten by the running bug? Ugh oh. 🙂




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