Strawberry Fields Forever

21 Jun

Happy Monday! Well, I shouldn’t say ‘happy’ because I am far from that today. I am having a serious case of the Mondays.

So, while I try my best to survive the day, I thought I would do a recap of the weekend. It was a good one, that’s for sure!

Friday night started out as usual, Phil came home from work, tinkered outside. I came home from work. And then things got crazy. We decided to put on our working clothes and get our demolition on!

Front of house

Now you see it…..

Our new view!

And now you don’t!

Sorry crabapple tree, but you were blocking our house. Not to mention, Phil was quite excited to bust out his chainsaw. Oh, and Henry supervised 🙂

One less tree to pee on.

We spent the rest of the night working outside cleaning up our overgrown landscaping.

Saturday started out with a quick 3-mile run, shower, pb/mocha smoothie (to-die for) and I was out the door to meet my friend at 9am. We had a very special date with some strawberries. 🙂

One for me, one for my basket.


7.4 lbs later

After we were loaded with some yummy berries (7.4 and 11.2 respectively), Katie and I headed to the pool for some quality girl time. Far too many hours, strawberry margaritas and sun exposure later, I scooted home to get ready for the evening’s activities.

Phil and I got cleaned up and headed out to dinner. After dinner, we met up with Phil’s cousin down in Detroit to celebrate her 30th birthday!

Laurie and Phil

Please excuse our end of the night post dancing pic. Ew.

We partied like rock stars  into the wee hours of the night, as you should to celebrate such a big birthday!

However, despite our ability to stay up late and act like we were in college, the next morning was rough. We had another round of visitors coming and the alarm was buzzing at 8am. Ugh. But, I didn’t care. My sister was coming to see our new house for the first time. Annnd, she is 6 months preggers – I was dying to see the bump again!! 🙂

Phil headed to the store and I went to pick up some baked goods. When we got home, I headed to the kitchen to whip-up some cinnamon rolls, eggs and fruit. I had the best time chatting with Linds and Phil and enjoying a great brunch.

Unfortunately, they had to head out to a graduation party in the afternoon (they live in Chicago and were visiting for the weekend), so they had to shove off. I spent the rest of the afternoon prepping dinners for the week, cleaning my strawberries, baking and whipping up some of PBFingers‘ PB Granola.

It was a really great weekend once again. I love having so many visitors come through. Maybe I should have started a guest book. Hehe. And seeing as though Sunday was Father’s Day, I made sure to send along my card and gift in advance and call up Dad to wish him a great day! I was unable to share it with him, but the WHOLE fam is coming next weekend and we will be banking in his gift. But, you’ll have to wait to see what it is!! 😉

How was your weekend? Do anything special to celebrate Dad’s Day?


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