Poop Breath

28 Jun

Last night we had an unexpected change of plans.

I started out the week per usual; work followed by a trip to the gym. (As a side note, the gym was so stinking humid! I was dripping sweat – nasty. I know I certainly pay enough in my dues for them to turn on the AC!)

I digress… last night we had plans to attend the Detroit Fireworks. I work at the Renaissance Center downtown and had tickets to watch from my office (top of the building, 39th floor –  sa-weet).

Some of you may not know, but Phil actually puts on firework shows. No joke. In fact, on our first date he told me he puts on two firework shows a year; fourth of July and again later in the summer up at his family’s cabin. He loves fireworks and the fourth, so, any time we can check out a show, I score major brownie points.

However, Henry had other plans. Just as dinner was about to hit the table, Phil came in carrying Henry along with a nasty smell. Apparently, our little pup got too close to another dog’s well…poop. Ewww. Yup, he got right in there. There was licking, there was rolling…not cool. It was such a strong smell, I’m not sure how Phil dealt with it. So, in the tub he went-

Don't let the smile fool you.

I'm so ashamed.

Our plans got sidetracked and we decided at the last minute to stay home and skip the crazy crowds of people.

With some extra free time, I decided to take a hold of the opportunity to run an errand. Earlier in the week, I received a coupon to Borders for 40% off, so  I headed to the bookstore with a mission. I have been hearing great things about Tina Fey’s new book, Bossypants and wanted a good read. However, when I got there I also saw The Hunger Games which I have also been hearing great things about. I grabbed them both (with 40%, it’s a win-win!).

The night certainly took a turn, but it ended with the three of us in our cozy bed, enjoying the fireworks show (albeit on TV) and popcorn.Source

I’m not so great at dealing with change, it usually throws me off. But, I think I am getting better. I am learning to take what comes in stride, because it is true, all we can control is ourselves and our reactions.

Have you read either of these books? Any other great reads?


One Response to “Poop Breath”

  1. Karolina @ CounselorMusings June 28, 2011 at 6:27 pm #

    Oh my…dogs can be so cute and precious but kind of dirty and nasty too. Seriously- explain to me why that tastes good? 🙂 Oh well, glad you still got to see the fireworks show!

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