A Baby Shower for my Sister

29 Jun

On Friday night, I headed straight to the gym for a post-work run. Normally, I prefer to log my workouts in the am, however, there was some other motivation to postponing.

My husband, Phil, has some grand plans for our yard in terms of trees. My concerns lie more with the weeds that are way out of control and need for flowers. Phil is more focused on the trees, or should I say, removing them. I think it is largely due to the fact that he can use a chain saw. 🙂

Earlier in the week, Phil had placed a call to his buddy and asked if he was interested in participating in said demolition scheduled for Friday evening. When I returned home, this is what I found:


Luckily, all went as planned. But I think it was a smart move on my part to play this one as “better safe than sorry” and keep my distance. All I know is that a chainsaw, ladder and rope were involved. Everything went as planned and no one was hurt (thank goodness).

While Phil made his plans for fun, I decided to invite Phil’s demolition partner’s GF over for wine. It was lovely 🙂 We shared a glass or two while the boys continued to use the chainsaw wherever they could. It was actually a really great time and the yard is starting to look great!

On Saturday, I had big, big plans. It was my sister’s first baby shower…yay! She is due in September and I am over the moon excited for her and to meet the peanut. The shower was hosted at her mother-in-law’s house. Some of my family came to stay with me on Friday night, so we all got up and around and hit the road at 10:30am to see the momma.

We had an awesome lunch, much thanks to Linds for letting the party throwers how much I adore turkey sandwiches with lettuce and mustard. The croissant took the sandwich to a new level – buttery and flaky – yum!

When I am pregnant, my plate will be twice this size!

Let them eat cake!

And of course there was cake! I mean, what is a party without cake?! No party that I want to be at, I’ll tell you that. hehe.

Gettin’ ready for baby.

Busting out my maid of honor skilz

We then moved onto gifts where I was able to bust out my maid of honor skills that I learned from Lindsay’s wedding shower. It is so hard to believe that four years ago she was getting married…and now a baby. 🙂

We also played the “Baby Game,” you know, if you say the word ‘baby’ then you loose your pin. We’ll Claire (aka Poots) was the big winner!! Whoop, whoop. And what was the prize? Oh, how about a bottle of wine?! OK!

Babys? Nah. Wine? Yes!

As you can see, my mom is GREAT at taking pictures.

The day was so much fun. My sister was absolutely glowing. I feel so lucky to spend this time with her. I CANNOT wait to be an auntie! Three months and counting!




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