Social Media Day – Detroit Edition

2 Jul

As many of you know, Thursday was officially Social Media day. In other words; SoMe peeps have to come out from behind their computers and actually socialize with people, not just twitter handles. I tweet for one of the big three auto makers (you can find me here), so naturally I had to get my socializing on.

Thanks to some gorgeous weather, I decided to take Phil as my ‘date.’ Phil is an energy engineer and the world of PR/Marketing/Advertising is foreign to him, so I thought I would give him a little taste of what I do every day. Plus there was free food, so he was in. 🙂

Phil drove down to Detroit to meet me after work. Our plan was to hit up the Whitney for some happy hour cocktails, however, Thursday night they have a dj and lets just say, we were not feelin’ it. We decided to impravise and hit up one of my favorite places for a cocktail.

On the way, I started snapping some photos, I’ll tell you, there are some great and beautiful locations in Detroit. It gets a bad rap, but the city is really turning around.

We ended up at Centure partly because we had been there before, and partly thanks to the sign out front that ready “Half off Happy Hour.” SOLD.

Hers and His

I ordered a pear martini and Phil had his Coors…they definately hit the spot after the work day. We also decided to share some appetizers. Our waiter told us that you can select three for $15 (normally $8-10 each). So, we shared some awesome crab cakes, tomato and pesto brucetta and jumbo shrimp. They were all very good.

Next we headed to Motor City Casino for the big shin dig.

Party Pass

We started with another round of drinks and Phil hit up the food table. They had some decent eats from local vendors (Little Ceasar’s pizza, chili dogs, hummus and chips), but I was stuffed from our first stop.

It was cool to meet some people from other companies and industries, and learn about what they are doing.
We didn’t stay too late as Phil had a 2am wake up call (no joke), so I was really grateful that he sacrificed a few hours of sleep to go to the event. And of course, we couldn’t leave without throwing a few bones at the slots. Walked away empty-handed but we had a great night.

And now it’s time for the weekend! We decided to cancel our plans for the 4th of July weekend and stay home. We have officially been in our house for one month, and I have YET to be in it alone. Seriously. I am really looking forward to sleeping in, sipping coffee on the porch and tinkering in the yard.
What are your plans for the 4th?

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