Labor of Love

4 Jul

Hello friends, and Happy Fourth of July!! I hope everyone is having a great long weekend!

My weekend has been a labor of love thus far. Phil and I decided to forgo our original plans for the holiday weekend to stay home and enjoy/work on our fabulous new home.

Saturday started off a bit rough seeing that Henry does NOT like fireworks and was up all night on Friday. There was very little sleep. Phil once again had to go into work for a few hours at a crazy time (hello 3am). So, I was on my own. And honestly – it was kind of nice. We have been in our house for one month and I have YET to be alone. Usually I am up running to appointments, parties or cooking for our guests on Saturdays and Sundays. It was nice to roll out of bed, start the coffee pot and walk around the quiet house.

I (of course) got the urge to bake. I dug through some of my recipes and landed on a new biscotti recipe. I have one of my own, but I decided to try out a new one. The recipe has a chocolate base with cherries.

Chocolate Cherry Biscotti
TJs to the rescue!
Loaf of goodness

Around 10am I headed out to tackle some errands on my to-do list. One was to check out the farmers market. Plymouth is about .5 miles from our house, so I ventured to their FM and I was more than pleasantly surprised! They had some good eats and art, however the flower house was fantastic! I totally scored thanks to hitting it up later in the day and in the season.

I walked away with a few flats, a hanging basket and some fresh-cut flowers for in my house, too.

I also enjoyed an iced black tea with a splash of lemonade. I really enjoyed it, even though I am a coffee girl at heart, this really hit the spot as the weather warmed up.

Around noon I arrived home to whip up a quick-lunch and blog before heading outside to get to work. Just about the time I was starting, Phil arrived home. We worked for eight hours with a little break for some juicy watermelon. Yum. I was sweating buckets, but we defiantly made a huge dent in the forest that is our yard. (Later we saw on the news that the official temps came in at 99 degrees for the day!)

We were so tired, I took a long shower and enjoyed some spaghetti. It totally hit the spot after all of that work! We also decided to get on our bikes and head over to Swirlberry. But, just as we were about to go, the skies started to turn. The weather channel showed that we were in the clear, but the skies sure were crazy!


Yesterday, I woke up ready for a great workout. I know, call me crazy after hours of work yesterday and more today, but I love hitting the gym on non work days. Despite my slightly sore body, I made it to my favorite spin class and felt so good for not only going, but the great workout I got.

When I arrived home, I quickly fueled and headed back out to the yard. Unfortunately, the people who own the house before us did not take care of the yard. The original owner (we are only the third) had gorgeous landscaping. You can certainly tell when you look around, but it is overgrown, weed covered and a hot mess.

Around 2pm we took a break for slurpees and mulch.

I was determined to finish our projects outside, so we pushed on until 8pm finally wrapping up 90% of the landscaping. It feels SO good to look around and see all of our hard work.

We quickly showered and headed out for some dinner followed by a movie. Yup, finally went to see Bridesmaids.

Here’s the thing; I thought it was funny, but I honestly thought it would be better. I think I was being influenced by everyone’s rave reviews, I was expecting to about pee my pants. Not the case, but still a good movie that made me laugh.

It looks like it’s going to be another beautiful day here in the Mitten! We are off to celebrate the Fourth. Wishing you a happy Fourth of July!




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