Fourth of July: Extended Edition

7 Jul

I know this post comes a little late, but I’ll tell you what, taking an extra day vacation sure does throw you off. Phil and I decided when we got the house to take an extra day of vacation over Fourth of July. And it was the best idea….EVER!

On Saturday and Sunday we spent 20+ hours outside working outside. After all of that hard work, we planned to take Monday and Tuesday a little slower.

We woke up Monday morning and enjoyed some patriotic breakfast.

We pulled out our bikes and rode to downtown Northville, which is about two miles from our house. The parade started at ten and we arrived just in time. It was a great parade, the town came out in droves and put on a great celebration!

The parade was really great and the street was packed! We walked through town strolling in and out of shops and eventually grabbing some lunch.

Later, we  headed out to work on our errands and wrapped up the day with the obligatory bbq and fireworks.

As great as the Fourth was, Tuesday was even better because it was our day. While others headed to work, we had the day to ourselves. <ahhhh> The day started with a warm run. But thanks to the ill-positioned sprinkler, I cooled off a bit on the route 🙂

I headed home, cleaned up, fueled, loaded the car and we were off. Phil and I like to take day trios to the west side of the state to Lake Michigan. We are fortunate to live within a few hours of the water and take advantage of it whenever possible.

On the way over, I dove into my new book, Bossypants by Tina Fey. It is so funny. Seriously, pick it up.

Anyway, we arrived in South Haven and again did some putsing and shopping.

And took a trip down to the lighthouse.

We decided to head to Kalamazoo to Phil’s old stomping grounds to show me around campus, see his phrat house and hit-up one of his favorite restaurants. (Unfortunately, my camera battery went capootz by this time.)

The extra day was just what I needed after the crazy hours at work, multiple visitors and the new house. It was really great to be able to walk around holding Phil’s hand, enjoying the day.

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!!




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