Are you Thinking What I’m Thinking? Roadtrip!

8 Jul

Quick, name that movie!

If you knew the quote is from Clueless then please, continue reading. If not, go watch the movie immediately. It is a classic.

I kid.

In case you can’t tell, I am super excited because I am hitting the open road this weekend. That’s right, not only is it Friday, but I’m roadtripin with mi madre to Chicago to visit the moma-to-be (aka my sister). She and her husband have been working on the baby’s room, I can’t wait to see it.

Right now, I am making the trek over to Kalamazoo where I will join forces with my mother and take on the second half of the drive (she is coming down from Traverse City, my hometown).

I’m really looking forward to the weekend for a few reasons:

  • Vacations are super fun
  • Chicago is super fun
  • I am o-v-e-r yard work at the moment
  • I get to spend lots-o time with my mom and sister, two of my favorite people
  • Hoping to get a run in while visiting the Windy City

And last, but not least, on Sunday, all of the Dilloway ladies (Dad’s side) are coming to Chicago for the day! I have not seen some of my aunts in over a year. It should be a great time. We have a few activities planned, but I am looking forward to all of the chatting, hugs and catching up.

So, I’m off! I hope you all had a great Friday. What are your plans for the weekend?

Or more importantly, what is your favorite place to visit or eat at when visiting the Windy City? 🙂




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