Running Buddy Motivation

19 Jul

I’ll tell you what, it has been a scorcher around here as of late. However, I REFUSE to complain seeing that in Michigan, the summer weather leaves as quickly as it comes and seen we will be icicles again.

Monday afternoon  I had plans to hit up the gym, but the heat was really getting to me.I met up with my bestie at work (both of our offices are in the same building, how convenient?!) and we decided to take on our runs together…inside. I really enjoy running outside but only a nut would head out in this 95 degree weather with 91% humidity.

I had four miles on my plan and bestie had six. We decided to split the difference and aim for five. Once we got started the miles flew by! Bestie took a week-long vacation with her boyfriend and I needed to hear all of the deets …before you knew it we were at six miles! DANG!

I’ll tell you, a friend can be the best motivator (or distraction of what you are doing). Ha.

The funny thing is that I ran without music, which I can only do when I have someone to talk to. Ohterwise, I need my jams. Bestie said she has been taking on her shorter runs sans-music. I am not sure that I could do that on my solo runs. I actually find the music to be a great motivator and distraction.

Do you prefer running with music or without? With a buddy or solo?

This morning I headed out for my run since I have some to-dos after the work day is done. I would rather give my poor legs a little break, but not an option today. I knocked out three super sweaty miles followed by some time with Ms. Jillian.

I have to say, I feel way on top of my game with my workouts this week. Two for two this week.




3 Responses to “Running Buddy Motivation”

  1. Numberz Runner July 19, 2011 at 6:05 pm #

    Love the illustration. I just posted a humidity-related one today, but yours is so much more funny.

  2. BalancingB July 27, 2011 at 12:03 pm #

    I love it too. It’s so true! Stay cool, Numberz Runner. 🙂


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