How to Throw a Party (or Two)

25 Jul

Welcome back to reality. (Groan.)

It sure was a tough one to get up this morning, that’s for sure. I had an awesome, busy and jam-packed weekend that I wish could have lasted longer.

On Thursday night Phil and I loaded up the new ride and headed up to Traverse City (my home town) to prep for the weekend. Friday was a busy day with lots of to-dos to prep for my sister’s baby shower from grocery shopping to gifts, decorations and most of all, keeping party #2 a surprise. Party #2? Yes, my family decided that since we had a big tent, lots of friends and family in town, we might as well surprise Lindsay with a 30th birthday party. Yahoo! However, pulling off two parties in one day is no easy task.

After a full day of party prep (and four hour-long conference calls with work), I finally called it a day just before 1pm on Sat am. The alarm went off nice and the whole house was up and moving.

Adult Grilled Cheese. 🙂

Treat table; pie and cake pops.

Future Grandma, mom and auntie.

Quick Girls (minus two)

It was an awesome, beautiful and exciting day. Everything came together just as I planned and best of all, Lindsay had a great time.

Once the party wrapped around 3:30, we had to come up with an excuse to get Lindsay out the door – party number two was just around the corner. We had everyone (plus the guys) coming at 6pm and the surprise was at 6:30.

We quickly got to work taking down decorations, flipping linens and getting the next round of food going.

The cake arrived.

Everyone showed up and around 6:40pm the birthday girl came and was totally surprised! Yay, success!!! After saying hello to everyone, she dug in. We also surprised her with all of the food she has been craving (yea, we’re good like that).

Lindsay and Shane

The work is done, time to kick back!

This party was brought to you by Right Brain Brewery

The day was so much fun. but I’ll tell you, running around for 15 hours sure does make you tired!

Sunday looked a lot like this:

We had a little picnic with just the fam outside under the tent and then Phil, Henry and I got on the road to head home. I am sad because my whole family is still in TC and I had to come back to reality. Boo.

But, the next time I see Lindsay she will be in the hospital either with my new niece or nephew, or in labor! Whoo hoo! It is sad to not see the bump any more, but I cannot wait to meet the little one.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

What do you do to recover from a great weekend? How do you avoid the Monday blues?

I plan on some runs, lots of sleep and believe it or not, Phil and I are already planning next weekend. It is our two-year wedding anniversary!




3 Responses to “How to Throw a Party (or Two)”

  1. Keelie (SweatEqualsSuccess) July 25, 2011 at 9:18 pm #

    Your weekend sounds AWESOME!

    Planning my workouts helps me get back into the swing of things after a fun weekend away! 🙂

    • BalancingB July 25, 2011 at 11:01 pm #

      Thanks, we had a blast! Great idea. I should spend the car ride home planning my workouts for the week. Love it.


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