Seven Links

27 Jul

Yay! I have seen the Seven Links Post floating around the blog world as of late. And thanks to the beautiful Amy, it’s my turn. So, here it goes, my Seven Links.

Most Beautiful Post

How to Throw a Party (or Two)

I may be taking some liberties with the way ‘Beautiful Post’ is defined. But, I love this post for all of the fun, cute, bright decorations and food. And, I think it is the most beautiful because it was a day when all of our friends and family came together to celebrate my sister and her bump. She looked stunning and I was so happy to focus the day on her.

Most Popular Post

Running Buddy Motivation

Last week my bestie and I decided to meet up to knock out a run. Having a running buddy is such great motivation! Now we run together every Monday night – not a bad way to start the week!

Most Controversial Post

Online Manners?

I am not a shy girl, anyone that knows me can tell you that. And, I have found my blog a great place to talk about my life, interests and passions. My first controversial post focused on Online Manners that talked about online bullying that seems to be taking place far too often.It was something that I wanted to talk about, to make people aware of the negativity that is in this world and the sometimes sad results that come from situations. I hope we can all learn to love and get along, or if nothing else, respect one another.

Most Helpful Post

How to Make Iced Coffee

I know, this surprised me too. I guess it just goes to show that we can’t take our everyday routine for granted. One of the most helpful posts I have ever read was how to make Over Night Oats in a Jar (OIAJ). Believe it or not, I was not sure how the process actually worked, but thanks to some bloggers who shared their ingredients and techniques, I now enjoy OIAJ!!

Surprise Success

Sorbet Skies

This post surprised me as I was just writing what I was thinking at 5:30am…not usually a great time for thinking 🙂 And let’s be honest, posting a picture of yourself at that time following a run is not super smart, but you guys liked it. Then again, maybe it was just my shorts? 🙂

Not Enough Attention


Thanks to some really fabulous ladies who blog about listening to what their bodies are telling them; work out, rest, veggies, protein I was learning to do the same. This concept is new to me and it is not an easy one to adjust to. Reading about strong bloggers and having a great support system in my husband has been a world of help.

Most Proud

Blades of Glory

State News

I love this post because skating has always been my life and I was able to be a part of the Michigan State University Skating team again by joining as a coach. It was a really tough time in my life (practice at all hours of the day, not seeing my boys for days), but I loved working with the girls. It was a huge accomplishment and I was really proud to post about it.

Now, I get to tag the following bloggers to participate in their own Seven Links!

Tag, you’re next!

Liz @lbbakes

Heather @hriacobacci

Amy @hlthyhngryhppy

Elle @ellehattan

Kate @nutritiouskate


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