Stay-cation: Making the Old New Again

4 Aug

I am all about spontaneity. I am one to make plans on the fly. Jump in my car and head off on a vacation for the weekend.

I do not like to be tied down. Confession – I did not want to purchase my bedroom furniture because I could not put it in the back of my car and get out of dodge. Confession #2 -all I need are my clothes, bathroom goodies and the windows down driving down the expressway.

So, when Phil suggested we stay home this past weekend, I think my expression was a cross between a scowl and a stink eye. Gigga, what? No open road? No fun destination? No go? What? (I think I went flush and started seeing black spots at this point.) What were we going to do hanging out at the house. Not to mention, my parents were taking a weekend trip and the house was wide open. That’s right, a free stay up in Traverse City on the water, no agenda, good food, friends….perfection, right?

That’s what I thought. But the gods had other plans for us and long story short, we stayed put.

We spent the weekend soaking up our surroundings; drinks with friends, 10 mile runs outside around the lake, lunch dates, movies, dinner at a new restaurant and a few other adventures.

I’m sticking to my guns that it would have been a blast to go north, however, I was really surprised how much fun we had staying home.

Bottom line, stay-cations are possible and can be fun, as long as you love the one you’re with.

What is something you have wanted to do in your local area and haven’t had the time?

Do you like to stay home or take trips?




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