Russell Street Deli

6 Aug

I’m not sure about you, but I get really tired if taking my lunch. Most days I’m ok, other days I don’t bother and some days I’m not feelin’ what I brought.

So today, I decided to venture out to one of my favorite spots near work. I’ve actually only eaten breakfast here, but when I jumped online to look at their menu, I was sold.


Russell Street is so cool because it’s located right next to the Detroit Farmer’s Market. They pride themselves on using only fresh, local produce.

One of my favorite parts is the family style seating; find a seat and sit down. Sure, you might be next to a stranger, but you’re all there for a good time and good food. I have met some great people over eggs and toast 🙂





Despite the awesome salads, huge sandwiches and specials, I had my mind on something else.

Vegetarian Navy Bean soup. I grew up on Bean soup and am a HUGE fan. I walked out with a good size bowl and some fresh bread that comes on the side. Happiness.


Today absolutely flew by thanks to lots of meetings and to-dos.

After work I headed over to Comerica Park to pick up my race packet. Yup, you heard right. I decided to run the Heart of Detroit race tomorrow morning! (I told you I like to be spontaneous.)

I ran home and changed, grabbed the hubs and jumped in the car for some pre-race fuel our at our friend’s house. Of course we stayed way late and I am hoping my six hours of sleep will be enough to get me through the run. But, I am running with one of my friends, which is great motivation.



Have you ever decided to run a race (or do anything) at the last minute?


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