Heart of Detroit 10k

7 Aug

As you may have seen over on Twitter, on Thursday night I decided to pull the trigger and join my friend in a run through downtown Detroit. I had a longer run on my training plan, but as a girl who has memories going to watch the Tigers with my dad, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to finish the 10k on the home plate at Comerica Park.

The alarm went off nice and early, however, I felt good being that this was only six miles and I had run 10 the weekend before so I avoided any nerves or anxiety. I fueled up and hit the road.

I was able to meet up with my friends right away, which was nice to avoid that stress. We had about 3o min before the race started to we caught up and got ready.

Before I knew it, we were lining up to start the race. I started out really strong, really strong; 7:54 pace. It was a great course through the heart of Detroit.

The only issue was the race started at 8:30am….a little late for August. The sun really started to work on all of us. I slowed my pace back a bit so I didn’t burn out.

Then, just before the six mile mark I came around the corner of Park Street to see Comerica – the home stretch. We ran around the ENTIRE outside of the park (evil) and then ran down the ramp/tunnel the players come in. The race ended out on the feild on home plate.

The race was actually really great. And the surprising part was this was the first year! There were several water stations, medical and the staff was awesome! The support staff was positioned at every mile and they were cheering so loud, clapping and encouraging you to keep going. At mile five, the girl looked at me and said, “it’s a mind game, overcome and run!” I loved it. It totally made me smile and I realized that I could do this, I knew I could, I just had to let my body take over and go for the ride.

After some pics on the field, I headed upstairs for water, fuel and to check my official time when I found this:

I could hardly believe it; I PRed, placed 112 out of 500+ and placed 3rd in my age group! Dang, good thing I checked! Ha. (PS- please notice that second place finished two seconds before me. TWO seconds!)

It was a great way to start a Saturday. But now I have an itch to run another 10k simply to beat my time. Gosh this running this is addicting. 🙂


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