Rise and Shine

11 Aug

Yup, you guessed it. There have been a lot of changes going on here in the Guster house hold.

First, Phil made the big leap to working 4:10s. So, now he works 10 hour days Monday – Thursday and has Friday off. We decided to make the change (he was actually given the choice) so we could dedicate a full day to house projects. So far, so good. I feel bad that Phil gets up at 4am, but he enjoys having a full day to putz around the house working on projects.

I also decided to get on the early morning bandwagon. On Wednesday am I hit up my first morning spin class in a long, LOOOONG time. During my engagement, I was a gym super-star, working out 5-6x a week, seven months straight which included two spin classes, one of them being at 5:15am.

Lately, I’ve been seeking some variety in my workouts. I love running, but I don’t feel like my body is challenged on as many levels. I would like to include yoga, spinning and weights.

On Wednesday morning I had Phil wake me up on his way out the door so I could hit up spin class. And guess what? I did it! All 90 sweaty, butt-kicking minutes. I felt really invigorated, much like I do with running a long distance, but in a different way.

I felt great all day yesterday, but today was a different story. Maybe the early hour and long day is catching up to me, but wowza am I a force to be reckoned with today. Lucky for everyone, this day is almost over 😉

So back to the fun stuff, here are some pictures from around the house of our latest updates!

Our sidewalk lights are finally working!

I wrestled with a few weeds.

Our transplanted rose-bush that was on its last leg is coming back from the dead.

Phase one of the closet has commenced! We are redoing the closets to be a bit more efficient with space. My plan is to have phase 2 include some demolition that turns into a walk-in closet. But that is a bit down the road…one thing at a time. 😉

And finally, a big, big birthday wish to the best friend a girl could ever have; my sister. Today is her 30th birthday! Wow, how is that possible?! There is no way that we are that old 🙂 She is my best friend in the world, she is the most fun-loving, silliest, kindest, giving person you will ever meet and in a few short weeks she’ll be a momma. Yay!

Happy birthday, Lindsay. Love you.



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