American Bad A** Date Night

23 Aug

Last weekend we had a special date night. Well, we were actually on date night with a whole stadium!

August is Phil’s month for Date Night and I have to say, he did an awesome job! Part of the deal is that we are supposed to surprise each other and think of something creative that you typically would not do. It takes a little effort and planning, but like this month, the result is totally worth it!

We spent our date night with Kid Rock! I found out about the plans Thursday night so I had time to get my bags ready. I work downtown Detroit, so I would not be coming home once I left in the morning. After work, Phil met me down at my work and we headed out for some dinner.

After dinner, we met up with some of our friends who were also going to the concert. Kid Rock threw a block party and we had to go see this for ourselves.

Around 7pm we went over to Comerica Park. This is my second time here in a week (Heart of Detroit Run was just last Saturday). But this time, I had a much different plan. PM vs. Am. Beer vs. Water. Well, I guess I needed stamina for both because I spent the night on my feet rocking out. It was such a blast!


It was an awesome time. Kid Rock isn’t much of a singer, but he sure puts on a great show! Now…how am I going to top this date night?! Suggestions!!


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