Garden in a Bowl

25 Aug

Phil and I both work full-time jobs (and then some), and with us arriving home at different times, we like to pre-plan our week night dinners. Most nights I come home to find Phil chopping away, stirring and prepping. Or even putting dinner on the table when I walk in (yes, he is amazing. But sorry, he’s taken.)

I love to cook, but arriving home second of the two of us, I usually play sus chef. But tonight, I called dibbs. I planned to do my run first thing this am (and I did) so I could come home after work and work on dinner.

Usually we do the same basic meals with a few change ups. But tonight, oh boy, I had a few treats in store. I have been excited to make a few of these recipes for a week and was happy to kick off my heals and throw on an apron!

First up: Rustic Tomato Soup. My aunt had some veggies from her garden that I graciously took off her hands and they were exactly what I needed for my home-made soup.

Last night I did some prep work to make tonight move a little quicker.

Let the onions, carrots and garlic brown for about five minutes. Then add in the thyme, tomato and zucchini. Once those start to soften, it’s time for a little chicken broth bath.

Once that has come to a rolling boil, add in the polenta.

Allow everything to cook together for about ten minutes.

While the soup was simmering, I got to work on some salads and a grilled cheese for Phil. This wasn’t just any grilled cheese. Nope. It was the mack-daddy of all grilled cheese. I am a big fan of cooking organic, healthy and easy dishes. But I also want them to be friendly to my waist line.

Thanks to my DVR, I caught an episode of Hungry Girl on the Food Network. I have been a fan for a long, long time subscribing to her emails for six years now (wow!). I have few of her cookbooks, but love that she has come to life in my boob-tube. On one of her episodes, I saw her make a five-ingredient grilled cheese. SOLD!

Here you go: bread, laughing cow cheese, slice of cheese, roasted red pepper and butter. Done. Give a little shake of garlic powder and put on the griddle. Easy peasy, just how I like it. And the best part? Phil loved it. Boo-ya. Can’t beat that.

We gave the dinner two thumbs up! You can’t beat fresh ingredients and simple recipes that let the flavors come through.

I also whipped up a loaf of Banana Strawberry Sundae Bread.

Yummm. Recipe to come later. For now, I am headed to the couch for some quality time with The Help. And maybe a little treat later too…

In other news, one more day until my longest race….10 Miler on Sat. In a  nutshell, I’m freaking out. Wish me luck.

In other, other news….happy four-year anniversary to my sister and brother-in-law!! Yay! Love you guys!

Hope you’re having a great night!




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