Heaven on Earth

26 Aug

After a crazy busy day at work on Thursday, our plans to hit the road ended when the clock struck 9pm. A four hour trip up north was not happening. So, we made the best of the situation and headed up Friday morning for a long weekend on the Lake.

My original plan to attend Healthy Living Summit changed after the purchase of a new home, car and a trip to Europe all within six months. Extra travel is not happening so much. And, I received the coveted invite from my friend Kate to spend a long weekend at her parent’s house on the water in Leland, MI. It was tough to miss HLS, but I have to say, I did not miss it AT ALL.

We arrived at Kate’s around 2pm on Friday.

It was a gorgeous day. We spent all afternoon chilaxing on the beach. Later we headed up to the house to start Fiesta Night! Everyone brought something to contribute and we had a feast complete with two home-made sangrias.

The night wrapped up around a bonfire, in true up-north fashion.

Saturday morning started with a nice easy six-miler with the bestie. She is still recovering from her stint in the hospital, so we kept it at an easy pace and distance. But I’ll tell you, those miles FLEW by. Love running buddies!

We got ready and the whole group headed into downtown Leland fro some lunch and shopping.

Around one pm, the sun broke from behind the clouds and we raced home to throw on our suites. The afternoon was once again spent on the beach.

Saturday’s dinner included roasted corn, chicken and ribs. We were not short on good eats. And again, we ended by the bon-fire, but this time with the sweetness of s’mores.

On Sunday morning I awoke with the determination to get in my last long run before my 10 Mile race next weekend. the run was okay. A little rough with the warm sun, no running buddies and the six miles the day before. I have never run that far back to back and I felt it. However, thanks to the crazy hills, I got a good ‘preview’ for my race. Oy.

When I returned home it was time to clean up and head out. Phil and I got a move on so I could refuel quickly.

That afternoon, I decided to take Phil to a part of Michigan he has never seen; Glen Arbor. Now, you might not be super familiar with that name, but what if I said Cherry Republic or the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes, or The Homestead. Yup. There are some great things to see and do, so we made the 20 min trek and rolled into town.

We sat down at Boonedocks….

And of course, the obligatory trip to Cherry Republic.

More site seeing….

Finally, I took Phil to see the Sand Dunes. Recently, Good Morning America hosted a contest for the most beautiful place in America and the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes won! That’s quite the title. And, kind of odd for someone who grew up visiting the Dunes and the surrounding area…it was just what we knew.

Phil and I spent a few hours at the Dunes exploring and taking in the views.

Once I informed Phil that as kids we would come to the Dunes and run down the hill as fast as we could until your legs flung out and you fell….he decided he needed that experience as well.

We had such an awesome weekend, it was sad to see it end. However, being that this is an annual event, I guess we are just on count down now! 🙂

So often I take for granted what I grew up with. I saw the Bay every day, took school trips to the Dunes and ate at some great restaurants. It is fun taking Phil with me, it is almost like seeing everything for the first time again.

And yes, up north is like a slice of heaven.


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