First Body Pump!

29 Aug

Last night, I flew into Texas for a work event. Despite the late night, I set my alarm bright and early for this morning. Why? I did some research before I left and found that my gym has locations down in the Lone State. This made me a super happy girl since my race season has come to an end as of Saturday and hotel gyms can be hit or miss.

When looking through the schedule, I saw a 6am Body Pump class- whoo hoo! It seems everyone drinks the BP Kool Aid, so I was excited to give it a whirl.

I woke up after a short 5.5 hrs of sleep, but my excitement got the best of me and I was off.

The class had about 10 people and the teacher was awesome! She definitely had her coffee before class.

We went through a bunch of different moves to some great music. And we definitely kept the cardio up with a bunch if laps around the gym.

It was strange to do weights instead of my typical miles, but it felt good.

Following class, I headed to the cardio room for a few min in the elliptical. I started looking around and noticing some nice little add ins this gym has vs. mine at home.

Like eucalyptus soaked cold towels, crazy new machines and a pilates studio. Jealous! But our gym is bigger 🙂

After, I enjoyed some funky monkey oatmeal that was ok, I thought it would be much better.





The weather is a overcast now, but at 8am the temps clocked in at 82 degrees and are said to reach 104 by this afternoon. I’ll be spending the am indoors at a conference but hope to catch a few rays later on.


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