Everything is Bigger in Texas!

31 Aug

On Sunday I boarded a plane for Texas for a work function. Before this week, I had never been there other than a layover on a flight, so I was excited to check it out!

I stayed at the Gaylord Texan. Apparently, this is where the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders stay. Oh, lucky me.

But, it really was beautiful. It is actually a hotel and conference center, so the space was massive including five full restaurants, a gym, a river running through the hotel, a club, several snack bars and shops.

Sunday night consisted of a late flight and dinner with work peeps that ended on a very sweet note. Yes, I had this little magical dessert. Kettle Corn Custard. Oooh, it was good. Truly the best part were the pieces of home-made kettle corn sprinkled on the plate.

I started out Monday with my first Body Pump class!!

I had some work to-dos all day, but once dinner rolled around I was on my own and had one destination in mind….

Yum! Come to momma. Why are these not in Michigan?!

I finally finished The Help on the plane ride south, (amazing read!). So, I took myself to see the movie. It was also fantastic. I was waiting until I finished the book to see the movie. It was a delightful night.

I flew out yesterday morning following a really great run.

I didn’t do much in Dallas since the conference was just outside of the city. But, the gym was located in the heart of Dallas, so I did some driving and exploring. It was fun to see Texas, but I was ready to get home.

And who wouldn’t want to when you are surprised at the airport by your two favorite boys and beautiful flowers. I was smiling from ear to ear. I love to travel, but it is hard to be away from the boys.

Things might be bigger in Texas, but they certainly aren’t better. It’s good to be home.



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